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Residential Solar

Residential Solar

You shouldn't have to choose between controlling electricity costs and great customer service. So your custom-designed Vagus Energy System includes more than high-quality solar panel technology for your home

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Residential Solar
Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Take your business solar - the technology is mature, highly affordable and proven to work reliably.

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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Having solar panels gives you a great advantage in saving energy for your own purposes. Having such an energy storage also allows you to be independent of blackouts.

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Energy Storage
Why Choose Vagus Energy for your Solar?

Five Reasons to Choose Vagus For Your Energy Needs

With electricity prices on the rise and millions of Australian households and businesses alike now generating their own energy from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, there has never been a better time to consider going solar. But, with the varied range of products and solar companies on the market, being an informed customer has also never been more important.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Have Your Own Smart Energy System

Save Money

You’re missing out on good savings

Every day you don’t have a smart energy system installed you’re missing out on good savings. How much? Talk to one of our experts now to find out.
Individual Approach

Solar subsidies are being phased out

There are still optimum federal subsidies available for rooftop solar system for your home. But with around 1.8 million systems already installed around the country, the federal scheme is being gradually phased out.
Simple and Easy
Homes and businesses with smart energy systems are becoming a common practice
Due to the technology being highly affordable, now more and more homes and businesses are looking at solar power as a smart option which reduces their energy costs and gives back control.
Qualified Team

You can reduce your carbon footprints while reducing energy costs

Generating your own energy through renewable source like solar is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprints. For businesses, it is a great way to showcase their sustainable energy practices and promote solar energy credentials.
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